cover featured article building better boards & leading by example by tracey in illinois parks & recreation magazine

“Exemplary boards require all members to be active and engaged; ensure transparency coupled with honest conversations; and a clear delineation of roles. Boards are only as good as the men and women who are sitting around the table and will never achieve more than the weakest link.”

tracey featured guest on building teams of influence

“Influence often comes down to our companies, teams, and systems. How do we build teams of influence?”

tracey mentioned in GRIN AND SHARE IT article

Susan spoke with Tracey Jones, a leadership expert who advised imagining an extra version of yourself. In that case, when you receive advice that might be a little painful, the extra version absorbs it. This creates a distance that prevents hurt and allows you to evaluate the advice itself.

keynote at women’s business bridge event

“The Connect, Learn, and Grow Business Conference, hosted by the Women's Business Bridge, will open with Tracey C. Jones speaking on Igniting Greatness Within.”

pahcom journal article by tracey

“For most of our entire professional lives we've heard speakers talk extensively on how to work with others. We've taken hundreds of hours of courses explaining how to engage employees. So why does it often seem to anyone with a couple of years of "managing people" that its one step forward and four steps back? Why haven't we solved this riddle? After all, we're all human beings. We have the frontal lobe cognitive resources, opposable thumbs, and the intrinsic motivation to conquer the world. We can do it! But why is it so hard?”

excerpt by tracey in sell yourself without saying a word

Tracey gets to the heart of communication, and how the way you dialogue plays a very important role in getting your point across in a respectful and influential manner. 

tracey featured as a character in a novel

Mission Next - An Inspirational Story, By Phil Randazzo, with Michael Fragnito. In this title, Tracey C. Jones is a subject of a novel for vetrepreneurs. You guessed it, an entrepreneur who is also a veteran of the military. She is a character in the novel to help others do the same - become successful business leaders.

guest appearance on journey to success radio

Millennial and Bestselling Author Sania Jamil interviews Tracey C. Jones about her book 'A Message to Millennials: What Your Parents Didn't Tell You and Your Employer Needs You to Know on blog talk radio.

q&a with

Tracey offers valuable, down-to-earth career advice for millennials in an insightful Q&A article with

“What makes a great career really has not changed, despite all of the technological upheaval and economic ups and downs. The main thing millennials need to understand is that success takes time. You are a work in progress!”

guest appearance on morning news with gary sutton

Tracey talks the long and hard path of success with Gary Sutton on WSBA morning news.

guest appearance on your partner in success radio

Tracey partners up with Denise Griffitts for a spirited conversation about Engaging Millennials in the workplace in an era where the workforce is more competitive than ever.

guest appearance on frankie boyer show

Listen to Tracey discuss the perils of leadership in fast-growth industries and start-ups: When Your Uber Goes Under.

guest appearance on something you should know podcast

“What is the difference between a tough boss and a bully? Workplace bullying is a real problem and it usually (but not always) comes from the boss. Tracey Jones, author of, A Message to Millennials reveals the seriousness of the problem and what individuals can and must do to stop the bullying.”

guest appearance on women’s watch with laurie kirby

A highlight with brilliant advice from Tracey for Women in the workplace.

article for

“Millennials, you are so eager to become leaders, and we’re excited for you to get there. You were hired to solve problems and pose solutions. If you do not meet those objectives, you are actually costing your employer time and money. In order to thrive, you have to be a conscientious contributor to something greater than yourself. Every task, no matter how menial it is, will bring you closer to professional maturity.”

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